in this video let's go through the app overview of what not this interesting app which helps you with live video shopping and like it starts to grow in the in the top charts in the app store so you can ask like yeah but there are like so many apps like we did live video apps tick tock twitch youtube obviously but why why to use this app like what not is really focused around exactly shopping feature where you can sell your like cards pokemon cards even nfts some collectible items many other items uh just tunes like live video streams and presentations and you buyers can be verified here and all of that um so yeah this is like a community marketplace where you can buy sell go live and geek out with collectors and other like-minded people live shopping breaks and auctions you can buy verified products we verify every purchase and whatnot to ensure you get what you buy and offer hand verification on expensive items to ensure you don't get scammed and can have peace of mind enter weekly drops for a chance to win collectible grails like holographic charizards psi credit rookie cards and some other items so yep let's just go through the app so here it is this is the home feed there are different tabs so there is like for you tab and here you can see all the categories you follow i guess you can add more categories depending what you're interested in so there are like tabs like card games sports there are toys you can see all the different categories here and manga sneakers and streetwire so you can also use this app to sell sneakers vintage and shrift watches nfts and all of that so then you just have this you can see upcoming upcoming screens streams sorry and then you can see when is happening subscribe but to purchasing lives you need your payment and shipping info so you need to add shipment information and you need to add your payment info as well so that's what you can do [Music] so just add your shipping information and add your payment information you can add paypal credit debit card or apple pie so pretty straight forward this is what you can do i can just add it like that but anyways this is like the upcoming stream you can post comments and then you can beat you can uh participate in auctions and you can pay so basically the whole idea is that these are live streams auctions so you can see like the overviews you can beat on the item uh we're live guys let's go this is big beams on the board and then you can see when it ends and then you can see auction ended okay so now the person will be 65 dollars won it then you can select and select some custom beat and then but so that's actually a cool part about the app that um yeah it's a lot of verified users here as you can see number of use like 97 25 so it's not actually a high amount of use and interaction but these are actually people like super motivated and who have purchased intent who really really want to purchase these items and participate in the show so um yep that's that's the idea and yeah if you're if you're an entrepreneur or trying to sell some stuff definitely give take a look at the app it can really take off and maybe you can start early in this app like you know get some early traction and then it blows off and you can attract a lot of followings and a lot of binds and all of that so you can just search for some live shows like pokemon shows football cards shows here we go we're loaded up right now guys [Music] so that's that then you can see notifications and this is your account uh you can see a number of followers following either a buyer or seller so to sell actually you need to submit applications so it's it's it's a bit annoying but there you have it so you need to sign in and submit your application you can't just you know just create an account on whatnot and just selling all the stuff you like uh you can see all the orders offers your collections um so this is your account you can change your username at bio uh you need to add your return address and basically to conduct support you can just message from here then there are some additional settings you can refer friends you can manage payment you can enable location mode and also you can get verified so if you if you submit a photo of your ide and this id verification can typically take one to three minutes to complete and once verified you will be able to beat in any stream so that's what you can do and then uh getting the white list to sell live so you still need to get on the white list so probably it's not open to everyone and then to create a new listing you need to add a return address so yeah before actually you can buy and sell there are quite a few requirements you need to verify your phone you need to add your shipping address you need to verify a payment method yeah and all of that needs to happen and only then you will be able to participate so this is kind of like a solution to prevent a lot of bots and spam and scam like you know all of that that's kind of actually pretty good uh you can bookmark all your shows you can search you can interact so i'm just interested if i want to go to this profile and i can yeah how to follow someone so probably it should be just pretty straightforward you can just go to someone else's account and then just forward that seems something is bugging sorry seems like the app is a bit glitchy still so i i just restarted you you can also try to do it like that so also basically you can refer people and get like some you know some cash invite your friends they make a purchase credit will be applied to their first purchase so basically if you're using this link then you will be able to basically to get free ten dollar sign up is this link and you will both get ten dollars of your next purchase so that's what you can try out so yeah use this link in slash whatnot dot com slashing why slash entry so try out this link and then you will be able to yeah to get like ten dollars so that's that um so that's the app uh yeah i still probably need to explore it more and to figure out all the main features um that still seems a bit glitchy but anyhow maybe it's just my old iphone and yep um so let's also just explore on the app store what people are saying so there are like almost 7 000 ratings so far uh and the app is not like that news or like two years old whatnot is a game changer it's refreshing to be able to interact with the seller and other file bidding on items uh needs to work to be reliable but this was one year this app has helped build my now your growing collection of fun copops uh i know that updates are necessary to keep up with the times needs improvements this app is a great place to buy and sell pops even for non-live users you can list 97 of what funko pops exist so some of that what you can try out uh some people say that like it's not the best customer service but anyhow this is an overview just give a try to this app leave your use what do you think was it helpful is it this app nice or not so try it out and then uh yeah just also like this video and if you enjoyed this overview please consider sending a super thanks for this youtube video just tap this heart icon below the video on the mobile you need to scroll a bit to the right and you can donate like you know three dollars if this video really helped you to understand much more solve your problem so thank you for watching

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