WHATSAPP CHANNELS - how to use? Overview

WhatsApp channels - how to use? Overview

WhatsApp has recently launched its channels feature, going global and offering a private way for users to receive updates that matter to them. This feature, in my opinion, is similar to the copy feature in Telegram, which has already gained popularity in specific markets and niches.

In Telegram, channels serve as a one-way messaging feed, allowing the channel owner to broadcast messages to their audience. Unlike group chats where multiple participants can send messages, in channels, only the channel owner can send messages while others can only comment or react. Think of it as visiting someone's social media profile and seeing their messages, with the ability to interact.

To check if you have access to this feature, you can visit the official WhatsApp blog. If you can join a WhatsApp channel, it means the feature is available for you to use. Note that the rollout of this feature is gradual, happening market by market and country by country over the next few weeks.

To find and follow channels, simply go to the updates tab in the bottom left of the app. There, you can discover various channels to follow, such as Zach's channel, which is designed to share meta news and updates. You can engage with these channels by liking or adding reactions to their messages.

When browsing a channel, you can access channel information by tapping on the upper right corner. This provides details such as the number of followers, public channel profile, privacy settings, and the option to enable or disable notifications. As a creator, this feature also presents an opportunity to gather and connect with a following.

Currently, the channel landscape consists mainly of brands and organizations. However, it is anticipated that influencers and individuals will soon join, making it a dynamic platform to build and engage with your own profile. You can explore popular channels like Real Madrid or Barcelona, and soon there will be more diverse content creators joining the platform.

WhatsApp has provided an informative blog with additional details on this feature. If you want to learn more, I recommend visiting their blog for a comprehensive understanding of WhatsApp channels.

In conclusion, WhatsApp channels offer a new and exciting way to receive updates and connect with content creators. With the gradual rollout, the feature promises to expand and become even more engaging for users worldwide. So, give it a try and start exploring the world of WhatsApp channels today.

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