When Sora app will be available?

When Sora app will be available?

"So when is Sora AI app is available? So as you can see from their official community forums Sora is not yet a released product and Sora is not publicly available and there is no wait list and there is no expected release date at this moment so it's just yes that's just what you can see here. I don't know when this app will be released but you need to know that that's just what the status when this video is published so if someone just tries to give you access to that maybe it's a scam however there are like few people which maybe can give you access to like beta testing or something if you find them on twitter or reddit. I don't know what like estimation is maybe it's around like few months I guess maybe they will just release it or maybe half a year I hope at least they will release like a waiting list quite soon that would be nice around in around like few weeks or maybe one two months the waiting list would be nice because there is a lot of like you know excitement around this tool but as of now this was just like a very small like demo preview and that's that and they just have like few beta testers so that's what it what it is"

Please note that based on the video transcript, it appears that the Sora app is not yet available for public use. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The Sora AI app has not been released as of now.
  • There is no official waitlist or expected release date announced.
  • Exercise caution if someone offers you access to the app as it may be a scam.
  • It is possible that beta testing access may be available for a select few individuals on platforms like Twitter or Reddit.
  • Speculation suggests a potential release timeline of a few months to half a year.
  • A waiting list for the app may be introduced in the near future to address the growing interest from users.

Until further updates or official announcements are made by the developers, users are advised to refrain from any unauthorized attempts to access the Sora AI app. Stay tuned for more information on the potential availability of the app in the coming months.

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