When will BlueSky remove invite codes?

So when will BlueSky remove invite codes? According to rumors circulating on Reddit, it appears that BlueSky has plans to do so in mid-December. If this is true, it means that signing up for BlueSky will no longer require an invite code. Currently, obtaining an invite code is relatively easier, but it still requires some effort and research.

BlueSky is currently in beta mode, meaning that although the app is available on the app store, users need an invite code to create an account. This testing phase allows the developers to gather valuable feedback and make necessary improvements before a wider release. However, removing the invite code requirement could mark the transition from beta to a fully accessible app.

The timing of this potential change also seems strategic. With the holiday season approaching, people will have more leisure time to explore new apps and invite their friends to join them on BlueSky. This could serve as a growth hack for the platform, attracting new users and encouraging increased engagement. Additionally, there's the possibility that more celebrities might be enticed to join BlueSky during this period, adding further excitement and appealing to a wider audience.

All in all, the removal of invite codes from BlueSky would likely be welcomed by many users and enthusiasts eagerly waiting to explore the platform. As we approach mid-December, it will be interesting to see if these rumors come to fruition and if BlueSky opens its doors to a wider audience without the need for exclusive invites.

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