Where is redeem code for Public link in TestFlight?

Where is the redeem code for the public link for TestFlight? This is a very common question for app developers and testers using TestFlight. If you are a developer and have sent a public URL to a user who then reports that TestFlight doesn't show the app and asks for a redeem code, you may be wondering where this code can be found.

To clarify, the redeem code is sent by email when you add an external or internal new tester in TestFlight. Here are the steps to locate the redeem code:

  1. Open your app in App Store Connect.
  2. Go to "My Apps" and select your app.
  3. Navigate to the TestFlight section.
  4. Complete the information section.
  5. Add external testers as needed.
  6. They will be invited to test after this step.

After you have added the testers, Apple will send emails to all testers with the invitation. This process ensures that the app can be accessed via TestFlight using the public link provided.

It is essential to note that simply sharing the public URL without adding testers externally may result in the link not functioning as expected. By following the steps outlined above, developers and testers can effectively manage and distribute apps for testing purposes through TestFlight.

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