Where to buy Dogecoin?

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Here is a list of apps where you can buy Dogecoin $DOGE.

1. Voyager app

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You can buy Dogecoin in Voyager, but when you create an account for the first time – there is a queue. And in my case, I’m still not verified after few days. So, probably not the best choice if you want to buy $DOGE instantly.

2. Crypto.com

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Crypto.com offers 80+ crypto assets. To create an account in Crypto.com you need to go through a verification process – selfie, official id (passport or drivers license) and selfie with you holding id and a specific phrase. Unlike the Voyager app, I was verified just after few minutes (however, after a second attempt).

3. Kraken app

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On the Kraken Pro app you can also easily create an account and instantly buy some $DOGE.

4. Coindirect


You can buy Dogecoin on the web.

5. Binance.US app

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You can buy Dogecoin in Binance app, but again you need to go through verification process, which can be time consuming.

To sum up – best app to quickly buy $DOGE

I would say the fastest and easiest way would be via Crypto.com or Kraken apps. That’s just my subjective thought. 🙂


You can’t buy $DOGE in Coinbase…

It is not possible to buy Dogecoin in eToro, Revolut.

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