Where to enter a referral code in OKX app?

If you are wondering where to enter a referral code in the OKX app, you're not alone. In a recent video transcript, the question of where to enter a referral code in the app was raised. The speaker, who also provided their own referral code (91925325), expresses their uncertainty about the location within the app.

While the speaker admits they don't have a definitive answer, they suggest using a specific link (OKEx.com/join/thiscode) to enter the referral code. However, they also mention that they couldn't find any information regarding this in the app's support center.

Entering a referral code is a common feature offered by many apps and platforms as a way to incentivize users to invite others to join. The code typically offers benefits to both the referrer and the new user. In the case of the OKX app, it appears that the process may not be clearly defined or easily accessible.

For users hoping to take advantage of a referral code, it may be worth reaching out to OKX's customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide specific instructions on how to enter the referral code within the app.

As with any app or platform, it's not uncommon for certain features or functionalities to be less intuitive or well-documented. This is especially true for newer apps or those undergoing constant updates and improvements.

In the meantime, if you have a referral code for the OKX app, using the suggested link (OKEx.com/join/thiscode) provided in the video transcript may be your best bet. Keep in mind that this information is based on the speaker's suggestion and not an official confirmation from OKX.

As the app evolves and user feedback is received, it is possible that OKX will make updates to address the uncertainty surrounding where to enter referral codes. Regularly checking the app's support center or reaching out to customer support can help ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

In conclusion, if you have a referral code for the OKX app, the exact location of where to enter it within the app remains unclear. However, using the link OKEx.com/join/thiscode, as suggested in the video transcript, may be a viable option. Remember to stay informed about any updates or clarifications that OKX may provide regarding this feature.

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