Where to get a ten ten app PIN CODE?

In the 10 10 app, you can easily obtain a PIN code to share with your friends. When you receive a friend request from someone, their PIN will be displayed immediately. This PIN serves as their unique username within the app, and it allows you to search for a person by their PIN. If you have just created a YouTube video and are getting numerous requests, you can simply navigate to your account in the bottom left corner and generate your PIN there.

To find your PIN in the 10 10 app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile section.
  2. Your PIN will be located just beneath your username.
  3. Please note that you cannot modify or update your PIN.

Once you have copied your PIN, you can easily add friends by pasting it into the corresponding field. Remember, you should input your friends' PINs to add them successfully within the 10 10 app.

This simple process allows you to connect with friends and share your content seamlessly. Whether you are looking to expand your network or engage with existing connections, the PIN feature in the 10 10 app provides a convenient way to interact with others.

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