Which HINTS can you see in frfr app?

Have you ever wondered what you can expect from upgrading to Platinum on the 4Real4Real app? In this tutorial, you will find out and ultimately decide for yourself if it is worth the $6.99 per week price tag. Let's dive in and explore the hints you can see with a Platinum membership.

One of the most significant features of upgrading to Platinum is the ability to tap "see who sends this." By doing so, you will receive a pop-up displaying city, country, time sent, phone software, 4Real4Real ID, and carrier. It's important to note that the phone software will display as iOS if it's an iPhone, but for Android, it will show a general Android software type.

Still unsure if Platinum is the right choice for you? Consider the benefits. With the new pop-up, you'll have access to more detailed sender information. It's now possible to identify the sending location, device type, and carrier. In addition, the 4Real4Real ID allows you to filter messages and users on the platform, ensuring that you only see content that you're interested in.

In conclusion, upgrading to Platinum on the 4Real4Real app is worth considering for those who want to take advantage of the new features mentioned above. It all comes down to whether or not you can justify the $6.99 per week price tag. Don't hesitate to try it out for yourself and see if Platinum membership is right for you.

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