Whiteboard widget - how to add on iPhone screen?

so to add a widget of whiteboard widget messaging app here's what you can do here is i already have the widget so i will just remove it and add it from a start okay i also have noted widget and i also have another one here i'm just trying all of these apps so you can just tap and hold and then you will see all the apps are jiggling and then you can just tap on whiteboard and here you have different widget sizes you have small widget you have big widget and then you just select what you want so big widget will just basically go on the whole screen for you small widget will just occupy like four apps or space or something like that so that's just what you decide and there you have it then it just appears and and yeah if if you add if you have any friends on this app or if you added someone so if someone sends you some stuff here then you will just be able to receive that and see the image

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