Who sent you message in NGL app? How to see it

If you're using the NGL app and wondering how to see who sent you messages, we have some tips for you. Unfortunately, NGL doesn't provide an easy way to directly view the sender's Instagram username, even after upgrading to the pro version. However, there are some ways you can gather clues about the sender's identity.

Upon opening the app, you'll notice a red button that prompts you to upgrade to NGL Pro to reveal sender information. By upgrading, you'll gain access to details such as the sender's NGL ID, location, and device information. These can be helpful in narrowing down potential senders. For example, knowing the phone model can help you identify whether the sender is using an iPhone or an Android device.

To further narrow down the list of potential senders, you can combine your Instagram analytics with the information provided by NGL. If you previously shared something on your Instagram story, you can see exactly who viewed it. These are the only individuals who can send you messages via NGL.

Once you have a list of Instagram accounts that viewed your story, you can then cross-reference that with the phone model information provided by NGL. This will help you identify who among your friends is using an iPhone or an Android device.

Additionally, NGL provides the location from where the message was sent. This information can be crucial in determining the senders' whereabouts. If you notice that the message originated from a specific location, such as London, you can further narrow down the list of potential senders to those located in or near that area.

It's important to note that even with these clues, identifying the exact sender can still be quite complicated. NGL deliberately makes it challenging to see who sent the message. The app aims to keep users subscribed and generate revenue from ongoing subscriptions.

In conclusion, while NGL doesn't offer a straightforward way to instantly see the sender's Instagram username, you can utilize a combination of Instagram analytics, phone model information, and location data provided by NGL to narrow down the list of potential senders. Just remember that even after upgrading to NGL Pro, you won't be able to see the exact Instagram username.

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