whoo app error - can’t login “it will reset after 1 hour”

I'm just going to here's first time reviews for who app on Android it was just released there but a lot of people arrived it I can't log in only say it will reset after one hour but nothing happens even after one day um and a lot of people just can't register it says I reach maximum number to register um uh I have to wait one hour and it's like a quite common bug as you can see here 100 people find this review helpful so yeah uh that's basically that the idea that uh uh yeah this app was just released and seems on Android and since it's quite buggy it only has 1.418 out of 5. uh so yeah that's basically what it is at the moment um uh I just recommend you to update the app as often as possible it was also quite buggy on iPhone but now it's much better uh uh and the developer team is seems is working like a lot to to put these fixes as soon as possible but I have no other idea how like when it will be fixed or not this is just like to bring your attention and maybe if someone already know how to fix it on Android just leave some comments below and you will help other people maybe just browse through comments down these videos some of my viewers tend to leave some very helpful comments to solve the issue

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