whoo app GHOST MODE - how to use?

what is Ghost mode in woo app so if you tap on smile in bottom right and then you tap on ghost icon this is a ghost mode so here you can just select what your friends can see where are you exactly on the app or is there some black blurred location so you see your friends and then you see three options there is like a precise location and you have this specific icon for that France set to precise we'll see your real time and accurate location then there is Blue Earth location friends set to blurt we'll see your real-time location but in the general vicinity of where you are uh can see that you have all that you have blurred than Frozen locations will see your last location prior to beard Frozen and we no longer receive location updates and then friends set Frozen can see that you have Frozen them so then yeah you can just tap on friend and then you can select like blurred uh something like that uh so that's the idea the ghost mode in this app is similar to other apps map apps like Live 360 where it's called called like bubble mode or something like that so in this app you can just see where your friends are located on the map but if you don't want them to see exactly what were in the city or where you are going in that place you can just set exactly in the ghost mode how you reference you want to see you

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