“Why don’t I have Multi Snap?” Possible reasons, and solution

So why don't I have multi-snap? That's the question one of my viewers recently asked me on YouTube. It appears that there is a widespread glitch happening with Snapchat at the moment. Initially, it seemed like only a few users were affected, as some viewers started to watch my video about multi-snap and commented that their multi-snap feature had disappeared. At that time, I checked my Snapchat and found everything to be functioning normally.

However, the following day, on Friday, when I revisited my Snapchat, I discovered that the multi-snap feature had vanished for me as well. Something strange was definitely going on. As of now, if you take a look, you will see that the multi-snap is missing. Nevertheless, Snapchat has yet to confirm that they have intentionally removed the multi-snap feature. Instead, they have referred to the issue as a "bug." Many Twitter users have reported experiencing similar problems, but Snapchat has not made an official statement regarding the removal of the feature. Their response has been, "Let us help you out."

To temporarily fix this bug, Snapchat suggests logging out and then logging back in with the same account. It's a simple solution, and you can even save your login credentials to expedite the process. Once you perform this workaround, the multi-snap feature should reappear and function properly. However, please note that if you turn off your phone or put it on sleep mode, you will need to log back in again, rendering the feature temporarily unusable. Despite this inconvenience, it is at least a temporary fix.

To ensure you have the latest updates, make sure your Snapchat app is updated to the most recent version. Let's keep an eye out for any further developments.

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