Why is Duolingo app icon melting?

Recently, Duolingo app users have been noticing a peculiar change in the app's icon - it appears to be melting or distorted. This unexpected design update has left many users puzzled and searching for answers. People have taken to platforms like Reddit and Google, desperately trying to decipher the meaning behind this curious transformation.

Speculations about a potential joke, hidden message, or campaign have been circulating. However, it turns out that this is simply a new app icon update that was released just a couple of days ago. While some find it amusing, others are left feeling annoyed or confused by the change. One thing is for sure - the updated app icon certainly grabs attention and sets the Duolingo app apart from others.

To change the app icon, users are required to either upgrade their account or join the "strict society." Joining this exclusive society entails maintaining a seven-day streak in language learning and earning rewards. Among these rewards, users can choose to replace the default app icon with one of their preference.

Although it is unclear why the new icon is melting or distorted, previous app updates have included similar themed icons, such as a fire icon symbolizing entry into the "strict society." It is possible that the melting effect is intended to align with users' streaks or serve as a statement or inside joke from Duolingo. At this point, however, the true motivation behind the change remains a mystery.

In conclusion, the melting Duolingo app icon has sparked both curiosity and confusion among users. While some find it amusing, others are still trying to determine the underlying reason for the change. As of now, it appears to be nothing more than a new app update introduced by Duolingo, distinguishing itself from competitors with its distinctive and attention-grabbing icon design.

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