Why is messages app keep closing

The Messages app on Samsung devices crashing has been a recent issue reported by users. According to a Samsung moderator on their support forums, there is a straightforward solution to address this problem.

Here are the steps suggested to resolve the Messages app closure problem:

  1. Stop Google Meet app:
  • Navigate to Settings app
  • Search for the 'Me' tab
  • Stop the Google Meet app
  • Either disable the app or uninstall any updates
  1. Change default messaging app:
  • Open the Settings app
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Choose Default Apps
  • Tap on SMS app
  • Select your desired messaging app as the default (e.g., Google Messages)

By following these steps, users can potentially mitigate the issue until a permanent fix is provided. While some users have reported updates from the Google Meet app, it is advisable to try the suggested solutions and monitor further updates for a resolution.

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