Why is Wizz not working?

Why is Wizz not working?

Transcript from video:

"Why is Wizz not working? So here is the WH app and recently it was actually removed from the App Store, but now it's back. It was working normally, but now as you can see, this app for some reason is not clickable. Something weird happened actually just today. This app is still in the App Store. So that's just what you have, but it seems it's just not working right now. I went to their TikTok, there is no notification in their TikTok that the app is down or it was removed or something like that. So maybe this is just some server issue or maybe you know really the app is down. I also went to like down detector app and it's not down, but some of the apps are down right now. Maybe there is some issue with AWS or some Cloud infrastructure. Let's just monitor this, yeah. Let's see, hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon. For now, we don't see any indication that this app was removed from the App Store or something like that."

The case of Wizz not working has brought about a sense of confusion among users. The app, which was previously removed from the App Store but later reinstated, is now facing functionality issues. The most notable problem being that the app is currently not clickable, rendering it unusable for many individuals.

Possible reasons for this sudden malfunction could range from server issues to broader infrastructure problems. Despite investigations on platforms like TikTok and Down Detector, there has been no clear notification regarding the app's status. This lack of information has led to speculation about potential server downtimes or underlying cloud infrastructure issues within the AWS ecosystem.

As users anxiously await a resolution, it is crucial to stay updated on any developments regarding the Wizz app's functionality. The hope is that the problem will be rectified swiftly, allowing users to once again access and utilize the application seamlessly.

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