Why ten ten app shows connecting?

The 1010 app seems to have a bug that causes it to display "connecting" when users attempt to make calls. Users have reported experiencing issues when trying to connect with others through the app. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. When calling someone on the 1010 app and the recipient is offline or their phone is off, the call will show as "connecting" and will not go through.
  2. Even if the 1010 app indicates that the other person is online, it may still display "connecting" if there is an issue with the recipient's phone being off or offline.
  3. Users have noticed that occasionally calls made through the 1010 app may drop unexpectedly, with the app showing "connecting" during the call.
  4. This behavior can be confusing for users, as it may give a false impression that the other person is available when they are not reachable.

It is essential for users of the 1010 app to be aware of this bug and take necessary precautions when making calls. Ensuring that the other person's phone is turned on and online can help avoid encountering the issue of calls showing as "connecting" indefinitely on the app.

To address this bug, developers of the 1010 app may need to release an update that improves the handling of call connections and accurately reflects the status of the recipient. In the meantime, users should be mindful of this issue and keep in mind the potential reasons behind calls showing as "connecting" on the app.

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