Why there are so few countries with Orbs?

Why There Are So Few Countries with Orbs?

The use of orbs to authenticate world coins has raised an intriguing question: why are there so few countries that offer this feature? A video transcript sheds some light on the matter as the speaker ponders the limited availability of orbs around the world.

Upon attempting to verify a world coin with an orb, it becomes evident that only a handful of countries provide this capability. Europe, in particular, seems to be the primary region where orbs are available. However, even within Europe, the number of countries offering orbs is surprisingly low. For example, France does not have orbs, and only a few countries accommodate this technology. The speaker mentions Finland as one of the exceptions.

The reasons behind this scarcity are unclear. The ability to become an orb operator appears seemingly simple, as one can order an orb and potentially earn revenue based on the expanding demand for this technology. It is possible that legislation or other unknown factors may be hindering its widespread adoption. Alternatively, it could be speculated that the demand for orbs or the need for individuals to purchase one is not significant enough to justify availability in more countries.

Consequently, if one desires to verify their world coin using an orb, they must travel to a country where the service is available. Only by doing so can individuals claim their world coin and initiate a transfer. Unfortunately, the exact reason for this limited availability remains uncertain.

The transcript mentions India as a country where orbs are still in pre-reservation, suggesting that they are not currently available there. Surprisingly, even a country as populous as China is absent from the list, further adding to the mystery surrounding the slow expansion of orbs to different regions.

It is worth noting that the speaker came across information suggesting that orbs will soon be expanded to more countries. However, no specific timeline or details on this expansion were provided.

In conclusion, the current scarcity of countries offering orbs to authenticate world coins is a phenomenon that warrants investigation. The reasons for this limited availability range from legislative factors to an insufficient demand for orbs. For now, individuals interested in utilizing this technology may need to travel to specific countries or patiently wait for broader global accessibility.

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