Why there is no Bard iOS app? After Gemini update

After the Gemini update, many users have been left wondering why there is still no separate Bard iOS app. Bard is Google's alternative to Chat GPT, but it currently requires users to visit bard.google.com to access it. This lack of a dedicated app has sparked conversations about its convenience, particularly for mobile users.

Using an app on a mobile device offers several advantages over accessing a service through a website. Apps are typically easier to navigate and offer a user-friendly interface tailored specifically for mobile devices. This makes them more efficient and convenient for users who prefer to engage with services on their smartphones or tablets.

Reddit discussions have highlighted the absence of a dedicated Bard app and questioned the reasoning behind this decision. However, there is some consolation for iOS users. It has been announced that Bard will be integrated into the existing Google Assistant app for iOS. This app, already deeply integrated into the Android system, will enable casual conversations with Bard, similar to the way users interact with Google Assistant.

Despite this integration, there remains some confusion surrounding the level of integration between Bard and Google Assistant. It seems that Google Assistant is not yet fully integrated, leaving users wanting a more seamless experience.

For those interested in using Bard on their iPhone or Android device, the current solution is to visit the website bard.google.com. While this may provide a temporary workaround, it does not offer the same level of convenience as a dedicated app would.

With the announcement of Bard's integration into Google Assistant, it remains to be seen how the development of a dedicated Bard app will progress. As users increasingly rely on mobile devices for their everyday tasks, the demand for a more streamlined and accessible Bard experience will likely continue to grow.

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