Why you can’t add a Widgetable widget on iPhone?

Here's a popular app called Widgetable. It's one of the most used apps if you want to install some really cool home screen widgets or lock screen widgets. However, there is some kind of bug in the app when it comes to adding a lock screen widget on iPhone. So for iOS 14.5 and above, you might not be able to find the app in the list of apps if your phone has been powered on for a long time.

To solve this issue, try restarting the phone and open Widgetable again to add the widget. If this doesn't help, delete the app and reinstall it to see if it works. In case it still does not solve the problem, you need to reset the home screen layout through the settings.

For those who just upgraded to iOS 16 and can't find the lock screen widgets when adding them, here's what you can do. You can first add the new lock screen wallpaper and then add the widget itself. Following these steps may help you get started on customizing your lock screen widgets.

In Widgetable, you also need to create the widget itself before you can install it on the home or lock screen. If you don't have any widgets, it might not work for you. Ensure that you go to the lock screen and tap on any widget you desire, tap on save and then go to "mine" to find the widget you created. Only then will you be able to locate this Widgetable in the lock screen.

It's always best to follow the correct procedures to ensure everything works as it should. Bugs happen, but with a proper understanding of how to troubleshoot them, users can make the most of their applications without issues.

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