so why you can't see heartbeat in a beami app so this is a very popular demand question and a lot of users are struggling with it but i read an official developer team response on app store or bme app store app uh so you can just go there and find it yourself but i will just uh repeat what they told here so basically you need to have apple watch or some google smartwatch device if you're using android but like any kind of wearable device which tracks your heartbeat and if you only have a phone and you're using a vimeo app just with the phone you won't be able to track your heartbeat so that's how app works like now this is the process so don't be sad or something if you see don't see heartbeat you need apple watch or you need some smartwatch device which is connected via bluetooth to your phone either iphone or android heartbeat should work either on iphone android version of a vimeo app and then basically you need to make sure that uh you give access to health app on uh on iphone so you see what i did i just went to settings search for health app search for obimi and here i can yeah find all these different ratings and basically i need to give access to heart rate and steps so if you don't give permissions for a bimi for heart rate it won't show up in the app obviously but even if you give permission here you still need to have some smart watch device that's how it works that's what developer team says maybe there will be some kind of um [Music] another app update or maybe there will be some obemy smart watch or like apple watch app or something like that that will change in the future but right now it doesn't work out of the box if you only using obimi app on your phone so that's that

Measure PULSE-WIDTH using input cap...
Measure PULSE-WIDTH using input capture single channel in STM32 || HAL || CubeMx || SW4STM
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