Why you can’t see subreddits? What is Reddit blackout

If you're an avid Reddit user, you may have noticed that you can no longer access some subreddits. This is because several subreddits have gone dark or private. But why is this happening? What is the Reddit blackout all about?

The new blackout is said to affect over 2.6 billion Reddit subscribers along with more than 28,000 moderators. The number of participating moderators and affected subreddits is also on the rise.

So, why can't you access certain subreddits? It's all because of the new Reddit API pricing change. The API has become insanely expensive, causing a lot of third-party applications to shut down. Developers and users alike are protesting, not just because of the high pricing, but also because of the content policies, among other things.

Twitter had to increase the price of their API because user-generated content on Reddit is becoming super valuable for AI training purposes. The content on Reddit is a source of how users interact and communicate on the platform, which is beneficial for training these large language models. Microblogging websites, like Reddit and Twitter, are currently managing the sheer amount of content and interaction data generated by their users. Thus, the price increase makes perfect sense for business owners, but it's tough for third-party apps and Reddit users.

In conclusion, it's important to note that while the Reddit blackout may be frustrating for many users, it wasn't initiated arbitrarily. The platform is handling an enormous amount of data, and increasing its API pricing makes sense from a business point of view. However, users should be more vocal about the content policies affecting their experience, as they are important contributors/content creators of the platform. As things stand, many subreddits may remain private and inaccessible to users until the platform addresses these issues.

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