Widgetable app DOESN'T SHOW UP in Lock Screen widgets what to do?

here is vegetable app and one of the main bugs here is it doesn't show up so for example this is what users are writing that on my iphone 11 it's not showing up at all on the lock screen i've tried everything under faq doesn't work doesn't show up as an option under lock screen widgets so when i open the app and try to make widget yeah so that's that but the main bug again the main glitch is people just go to a lock screen you tap and hold then you see this customize button and you tap on customize button and then you just can't find uh vegetable on the list of the apps which provide unlock screen widgets it doesn't appear on my business unlock screen so that's the main concern i don't know uh what you can do actually what they have here is they have like uh their discord chat uh where there is help section where there are some suggestions uh some yeah so that's what you can do here uh so to accept that you just need to go to vegetable and then go to join us and then join discord from here so that's what you can do and then there are like only 366 members maybe there are some admins there so we'll help you out so that's what you can do hope that is helpful uh yeah try that i don't know what's causing this issue probably the app is really overloaded it's in top charts in the overall us app store rankings it's pretty huge probably there are like millions downloads of downloads of this app probably maybe there is some issue with our server or anything usually this kind of apps are not built by huge teams of developers i don't know specifically about this app but yep so there you have it um [Music] hope that is helpful

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