here's interesting app which is called vegetable lock screen widget um so after ios 16 updates there are so many apps which help you out with lock screen widgets and it's super hyped right now so if you have ios 16 installed if you updated uh now you can have these lock screens and it's they're much more customizable you can add widgets and you can add a lot of apps there uh vegetable provides interesting ios 16 lock screen videos for you and your friends enjoy amazing lock screen and home screen pages or create your own fancy widget pieces is to use widget editor so you can use widgets like friends tab counter friends distance front status and moods miss you widget app shortcut and lock screen icon uh so top features so that's basically that so let's just open up this app and then you just see here these widgets uh you can explore them you can see like some types of widgets and then uh yeah you need to it says please upgrade to ios 16 or hire to use lock screen widgets uh yeah i don't have it here but basically here is the idea so you have all these different options weather expandable time health countdown and you can just select any widgets icon and text and then you just select it you select which small medium or large widget and then yeah you can just also upgrade so then to install to install these widgets you just go to your lock screen on is 16 tap and hold start to jiggle then you tap on the plus icon and you on your lock screen and you find from the list of widgets you select like a new widget so and then you are you just set it up so that's basically the idea and then then you can just explore and add these widgets there are different types distance miss you hugs status icon and stacks there is some shortcut um and there are some icons and text so yeah there you have it you can also set a nickname here you can add friends add the new friend and then you just need to add like a new friend here or just use this code so yeah this is a kind of interesting app and definitely maybe there is a huge future for this kind of apps as more people try to use them and widgets such as lock it widget uh be real widget moji like now that we just like home screen we just becoming more and more popular and these apps with the lock widgets becoming more and more popular so definitely give it a try i'm sorry i'm not on ios 16 but i hope you just got the idea of how this might work

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