Widgetable pet - Release to the wild - how to delete a pet? New update

In a recent update of the Vegetable app, users now have the ability to delete or remove their pets. Previously, this feature was not available, but the latest update has made it possible for users to easily delete their pets with just a few taps.

To delete a pet on the Vegetable app, simply tap on the three dots icon and select the "Release to the Wild" option at the bottom. This new feature allows users to permanently remove a pet from their app. Once released, the pet will be on its own and will no longer be associated with the user's account.

It's important to note that once a pet is released to the wild, it cannot be retrieved in the future. Upon confirming the release, users will be shown a sad animation indicating that their pet has been released. While the process may be bittersweet, it provides users with a simpler way to remove unwanted pets from their app.

Previously, the only option available to users was to deactivate a pet, putting it into a dormant state. But now, with the ability to delete pets, users have more control over their app and can easily manage their pet collection.

If you're an existing Vegetable app user, make sure to update the app to access this new feature. Deleting pets is now a breeze, providing users with a seamless experience in managing their pets and ensuring that only the pets they truly desire remain in their app.

The Vegetable app continues to innovate and provide new features to enhance the user experience. Stay tuned for future updates and improvements as the app evolves to meet the needs of its users.

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