Widgetable pet update should be on Android in August!

Widgetable pet update should be on Android in August!

According to a recent video transcript, it seems that the highly anticipated pet update for the Widgetable app will finally be available on Android devices in August. Currently, the update is only accessible for iOS users, allowing them to invite friends to co-parent their virtual pets. However, Android users have been eagerly waiting for this feature, and the Visible team has promised its release sometime during August.

While the exact date of the Android update remains unknown, there has already been an update on August 1st. It is speculated that this update may contain the highly anticipated pet feature. The excitement surrounding this release is palpable, as many Android users have expressed their desire to access the pet functionality that their iOS counterparts have been enjoying.

To assist with determining whether the pet update has indeed arrived on Android, one can refer to the reviews from July 31st onwards. If the update has not yet been implemented, those eagerly awaiting the feature will have to exercise a bit more patience. Rest assured, there is hope that the pet feature will soon be available to Android users, potentially with the recent update.

Android users are encouraged to head to the Google Play Store and check for any available updates. By keeping the Widgetable app up to date, users can ensure they don't miss out on the highly sought-after pet feature. The ability to co-parent virtual pets with friends is just one more reason to enjoy the Widgetable app.

So, for all the Android users out there eagerly awaiting the pet update, stay tuned and keep an eye on the updates in the Google Play Store. With any luck, this long-awaited feature will finally be at your fingertips in August.

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