WidgetPal - can’t log in - what to do?

so whenever you try to log into widget pal app it just says can't login it says whenever i try logging into it just says internal server filer don't even know what's going what's doing wrong because i can't even put my number in i don't know if anyone else has this problem help me out so i'm just written here some reviews um from yeah uh from the widget pal app on on app store yeah this is one of the reviews i'm getting like yeah i'm just looking into which issues people have and yeah you can see that some people write that you just can't log in here um so yeah that's that's that what do you think how it should be fixed if you have some similar problem and then you have a fix can you just leave some like comments below what do you think and then yeah um maybe just update the app uh because they probably had some bugs before but now they're fixed close the app update the app try a wi-fi connection restart your phone or something like that

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