Will there be new World coin grants? Next timer is removed 😱

Hey there. So, did World coin just stop all new grants or will there be any future grants? Because this countdown widget just disappeared in the grants page. Usually, in the top, you'd have the notification bar where it says, "Hey, there are like 10 days until the next grant" or something like that. But now it's just gone. And it's not only for me on Reddit; you can see that a lot of people experience the same issue. So, I don't know what's going on here because, you know, because of this price surge of World coin, maybe they're trying to be careful and limit the supply of this coin. So, they're just trying to limit the supply.

Some potential scenarios:

  1. They really paused it or just completely disabled it, which would be awful.
  2. They might be restructuring the grants, trying to do either smaller grants or bigger grants with the new World coin price, which would also be a bit weird.
  3. Another option is that they are just pausing it because they wanted to push all World coin out there, and people would just instantly sell it and not hold World coin.
  4. Or perhaps, it's just a technical glitch because this app is quite buggy. The World coin app still faces server issues here and there. A few days ago, the Genesis grant kind of disappeared from the use of the grant and then reappeared. There have been reports of zero World coin in the wallet for some users.
  5. It might be that as well, but we will know for sure on March 12th if there will be new grants here.
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