Will your c.ai bots be deleted if your remove character.ai account?

In the recently launched Character AI app, users have been wondering what happens to their c.ai bots if they decide to remove their account. Well, it seems that removing the account will also result in the deletion of all associated bots.

To remove your account, all you have to do is tap on your icon at the bottom of the app. From there, simply type "remove account" in the bottom right corner. Once you confirm the account removal, all your bots will be removed as well.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to selectively delete only one bot, so removing your account will mean losing all of them. This is an important aspect to consider before deciding to remove your Character AI account.

Watch the video transcript:

"So in the Character AI app, what happens if you remove your account? Will your bots also be removed? I guess so. So if you just tap on your icon at the bottom, you can just type 'remove account' in the bottom right. And then if you do that, it seems all your bots also will be removed because it's not possible to remove just one bot. So yeah, you just have it here."

It is always crucial to understand the consequences of deleting an account on any platform or app. The developers behind Character AI have designed the app in such a way that removing the account results in the removal of all associated bots. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly consider this before proceeding with the account removal process.

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