Winkle - Live Chat - app overview

here's twinkle live chat app so let's just open it up and then you will see this app here so this is how it looks like so this is one of those like apps where you can just have random online chats yeah just to be clear a lot of these apps can be like really spammy and low quality so you you just decide if you really want to use it and all of that so yeah Sims actually it's not that high quality app and I don't know what the point is because like every week or so you have a new app like this on on the app store then it just goes trending for for a while and then it's just basically disappears so then you can just tap to start quick match and then yeah you can use it for free you don't need some uh upgrades or something so then you can just start with this app um but yeah just use it at your own risk because seems it's it's not that reliable and like maybe it's a bit scammy so some some just be careful however I I'm not sure and then you can just recharge Diamond so here you can just uh see which diamonds are available and then you can see the prices which are actually not that cheap so you can see that you can spend here a hundred dollars for seven thousand diamonds you can change your name uh you can easily block people here uh and yeah just also be aware that in a lot of these apps there are a lot of like AI Bots sometimes it's so easy to fake text messages these days and even I guess audio is it's getting much easier to fake uh so just be careful when you're upgrading and all of that

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