The Wishtender app has gained popularity as a platform where users can receive funding from their fans. Although it is unclear whether this app is entirely legitimate or whether it guarantees fan sponsorship, it has been trending recently. To get started, simply visit wishtender.com and create your free wishlist. You can choose to receive gifts or send gifts to others.

To begin receiving gifts, sign up using your email and password. Once you have done so, you will have access to the app's features. One interesting aspect of Wishtender is the leaderboard, which displays the top monthly wish tenders. You can explore different profiles and see what items people are wishing for. Examples include spa treatments, lunches, Christmas gifts, and dinners.

Some users even use Wishtender for crowdfunding purposes. For instance, one person aims to fund their own football club with a goal of 10,000 pounds, and they have already achieved 52% of their target. You can contribute to these campaigns by adding items to your cart and checking out.

The app also caters to those seeking funding for other purposes, such as property or coffee. The concept behind Wishtender is not entirely new, as wish lists have been around for a while. However, it offers a unique twist by incorporating the idea of fan sponsorship. If you are an influencer with a significant following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube, Wishtender can be a valuable tool for monetizing your fan base.

Overall, the Wishtender app presents an interesting opportunity to receive funding from fans. While it may not be groundbreaking in terms of the wishlist concept, it has gained traction and is worth a try if you are seeking sponsorship from your supporters.

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