WISHTENDER app - quick overview of

WISHTENDER app - quick overview of

Hey everyone, let's take a quick look at the Wishtender app, where you can get funded by your fans. Although I cannot vouch for its legitimacy or safety, this app has been trending recently. To get started, simply visit wishtender.com and create your free wishlist. You can use it to either receive gifts or send gifts to others.

To receive gifts, simply tap on the "receive gifts" option and sign up using your email and password. Once you're registered, you can start using the app. A key feature of Wishtender is the leaderboard, which shows the top monthly wish tenders. By checking out any profile on the leaderboard, you can see what people are wishing for, from spa sessions to Christmas gifts and dinners.

Interestingly, some users are even crowdfunding for personal projects. For instance, there is a user who aims to fund their own football club with a target amount of 10,000 pounds. Currently, they have reached 52% of their goal. You can contribute to these projects by adding them to your cart and checking out.

The app also allows people to collect funds for various purposes, such as property or even a simple cup of coffee. It's a versatile platform for creating any type of wishlist and finding potential sponsors. If you have a substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube, Wishtender could be an alternative solution to platforms like Patreon.

While the concept of wishlists is not groundbreaking, Wishtender has gained some traction and is worth giving a try. So, if you're looking for a new way to connect with your fans and receive support, why not explore this intriguing app?

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