Wiz AI Chat Bot Writing Helper - app overview

hello everyone in this app we're gonna go through uh this AI chatbot writing helper so this is one of this new chat GPT apps there are so many of those like where you can just use AI uh yeah to to improve your productivity and uh yeah just become better at anything this AI chatbot is powered by open ai's official gpt3 engine the world's most powerful natural language AI with with AI chatbot will have the entire universe of human knowledge in your pocket so you can code anything based on a natural language description you can use it for creating writing for recipes for general knowledge for tweets for anything else and let's just open it up so yeah this is like a chat GPT in your in your pocket however it's not official open AI GPT app you can only access jgpt officially from openai.com website uh and here you have uh also you can upgrade so for example like this so then yes teams even for this you need to upgrade and uh ten dollars per week or uh three days free trial and then cancel any time or build annually uh you just upgrade to the yearly subscription so yeah unfortunately it's not free um so yeah here you have code creation communication order so yeah here you have form generator short story jokes recipe plan general knowledge workouts routine so anything basically you can generate in this app all the color letters anything but unfortunately you need to upgrade to the pro version which is yeah a bit weird like how uh how do you um done because open AI is Free by itself probably they are working on the professional plan as well but a lot of apps are trying to exploit that so just be careful but here's one of the top apps so try it out as well

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