Wizz App BANNED from App Store?

Is VizApp banned? There seems to be some confusion and speculation surrounding the availability of the popular app. Users have reported difficulties in downloading the app from the VizApp.com website since January 31st. Moreover, discussions on the VizApp subreddit suggest that the app is no longer listed on the US app store, at least.

However, suggestions have been made to search for the app by its abbreviated name, Viz, as it may still be accessible in some capacity. It's worth noting that several interesting new alternatives to VizApp have appeared on the app store, possibly providing users with similar functionalities.

According to anonymous Reddit users, the removal of the app may have been prompted by technical issues that occurred when trying to share links from Snapchat and Instagram on VizApp. Apparently, attempts to contact VizApp support resulted in replies stating that it was a technical hiccup. Nonetheless, this supposed hiccup appears to have led to the app's removal.

Meanwhile, the official Viz Instagram account has been actively updating users about the situation. They have acknowledged the technical issues and are working diligently to resolve them, assuring users that they are doing everything possible to bring the app back online.

Rumors have circulated suggesting that VizApp may have been banned from the app store due to concerns regarding its security and safety, particularly for teen users. It is unclear, however, whether this speculation has any basis in truth. It is possible that if VizApp addresses these concerns and introduces additional security features, it may be able to make a comeback on the app store. Only time will tell.

Until more information is available, it remains uncertain whether the removal of VizApp from the app store is temporary or permanent. Users and fans of the app will have to wait patiently to find out if their favorite app will be available again in the future.

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