Wizz App BANNED?

So is this app banned right now? When I try to search for this app, it doesn't appear in the App Store anymore. Unfortunately, something happened to it. When I go to their website and tap on the App Store link, it just says "app not available. This app is currently not available in your country or region." So, what's going on?

Seems like it was removed from the App Store. When I was trying to look up what happened to this app, there are articles that actually say it was removed. There was some explanation of a technical hiccup, as well as reports from NBC News that this app wasn't safe. The support team from the Wizz app claims that there is a technical hiccup and they are working hard to get it up and running again. They even posted a joke story in response to their removal, saying "You guys are so sweet, you might unban everyone. Just kidding lol." This was posted on their Viz Instagram account.

However, from January 31st, users started reporting that something was wrong. You can go to the Wizz app subreddit and see that the app was actually removed. So, it seems that at the moment, it is banned. The one thing we don't know is whether this ban is temporary or permanent. It's unclear if the App Store is requiring additional setup or code from the app to ensure safety, or if it will never come back to the App Store.

Probably, there will be some app alternatives, as this was a quite popular app. But for now, let's wait and see.

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