It appears that the Viz app is back in the App Store, bringing good news to its users. The app now boasts enhanced security features, making it safer than ever to meet new people and enjoy the Viz experience. One notable addition is the mandatory profile verification when creating an account. This means that only users with a blue check verification are allowed on the platform, ensuring a more trustworthy community.

Another improvement is the removal of "goofy" ads in the stories, enhancing the overall user experience. These updates demonstrate the app's commitment to providing a safer and more enjoyable environment for its users.

Previously, there were rumors that the Viz app had been banned, and indeed, it was temporarily removed from the App Store. This action was likely taken due to concerns regarding verification issues and overall safety. However, it seems that the app has successfully addressed these concerns and is now available for download once again.

Users can now rest assured that the Viz app is back in action and functioning as intended. As the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding," so why not give it a try and see if the improvements meet your expectations? If you're in search of a secure and enjoyable platform to meet new people and have fun, the latest version of Viz might just be the answer.

So, rejoice Viz app fans! Your beloved app has returned and is ready to provide you with all the features and security enhancements you need. Head over to the App Store and give it a go - it should be back and better than ever.

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