super quick tutorial of this app make new friends so this is like a random chatting app where you can find new friends from all around the world so you can just swipe simmer SM Tinder swipe right or left then you can send a chat to someone just send some message so you don't need to match to send a message as on Tinder but probably people are receiving like hundreds of messages if you want to appear on top of these messages you need to buy super uh chat but that requires gold subscription or you need coins so gold subscription is this 6.99 per week or 1999 monthly there is no free trial so you have all these benefits you can have unlimited turbines you can add more photos you can get some boost every week five free super chats every week one Polk chat every week hide ads so you can do that so then you can just swipe like that you can block a report someone also if you're interested in specific communities you can search through people in these communities you can also just join communities here to do that uh you just uh I don't know like you select specific Community it's like this gamer community and then to join that just tap join and then add the sticker to one of your photos um yeah so that's basically it so to add friends what it's mean here is just you message someone and then someone messages you back that's how you become friends then you can kind of create like a group chat so select your friends and create a group chat uh then yeah in case yeah you want to remove a chat just swipe left and then remove chat then you can see remove chats you can delete it completely or you can then restore it um then you can see your profile so yeah something like it this is like it's interesting how it works um you just have your profile and then uh basically you can add different prompts you can add music you can add text you can add specific community so your photo is not just your photo it just has a lot of this like information about you it's possible to get verified on this app just tap on verified and submit your selfie then yeah you have this gold and then basically there are V coins which you can get here just by logging into the app every day or you can just buy a pack or watch ads or whatever you like um so yes that's basically an idea of the app that you just chatting with random people in your area you can set up all the filters here uh if you want you can chat with mostly verified people uh here's the username um you decide if you want to show your state or visibility and find new friends you can also just delete your account in the bottom just tap delete an account or you can log out it's also possible to delete your data here um so yeah that's basically the the idea change your name easily change your name here um it's not possible to change your username not possible to change your birth date when you enter that I'm not sure how to change default profile picture maybe you should just drag it um so super super simple app very easy to use kind of doesn't need a lot of explanation uh you're just chatting with people and then you just hang out and it's super easy design so hope that is helpful if it was helpful please please subscribe to my channel and see you in the next videos

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