Wizz app - what happened?

What happened to the Wizz app? Users are reporting difficulties when trying to download the app from their website. Some encounter an error message stating they can't connect to the App Store, while others are simply informed that the app is no longer available. It appears that Wizz app has been banned from the App Store, as it cannot be found in the search results.

If you had previously downloaded the app, you may still be able to access it. However, new users are unable to download it. In a recent statement on their Instagram stories, the Wizz app team mentioned that there are some technical glitches. They did not explicitly state that the app has been permanently banned or removed, but they also did not provide any information on when the app will be back in the App Store.

Based on their Instagram presence, it seems that content moderation may have been an issue for Wizz app. The app's Instagram account features numerous posts and stories emphasizing the safety of their platform. They highlight that people in real life approve of their app and claim it to be the safest online space to meet new people. However, it remains uncertain when the app will return.

In the meantime, users can explore alternative apps, although it is worth noting that these alternatives may not be as fully developed as Wizz app. This situation may be frustrating for those who relied on Wizz app for their socializing needs. Let's hope that the app will make a comeback soon or that some clarity will be provided on this matter.

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