WIZZ - Make new friends - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

hello everyone in this video let's go through the full overview of this interesting app which is called please make new friends hit me up uh this app is not new it was in the app store for a while I did another overview of it some time ago but yeah recently it just starts spiking in the top charts as you can see and I just logged in Back to the app and it's really uh uh has a lot of updates so uh yeah that's an interesting app where you just can discover uh and chat with people around the world but kind of it reminds me of mix of Tinder Tick Tock and some like random video chat app um yeah and it feels not spammy and it feels a bit more like higher quality app so here you just create your account you can create your account with the phone number or just use Apple ID on iPhone and then you just have chats so then you tap foreign [Music] yeah so here you can just tap to send a chat uh here basically to reach out to some people similar as on Tinder but of course on Tinder you need to match before you are able to send the chat here you can just can do that uh you can send like a standard chat or you can send a Super Chat which will stay on the top of other chats or you can send a bulk chat which will be sent to next 100 profiles which is like pretty crazy it's kind of like some spam feature but anyhow so for example if I want to do this and then I just want to send a super chat I just tap on it and then it says be noticed uh stay on top of their chat and then you need to upgrade to the gold with gold uh anyhow so that's the idea is that okay let's just send a chat and that's it you don't know if someone will reply because obviously probably some people are receiving hundreds of these messages so uh yeah in the bottom left there are communities where you can find those um and it's an interesting feature where you have your communities uh you can add some of the communities to your bio uh buyer is just basically your father okay I don't have the the best photo here but yeah the idea is that you can find new friends in specific interests like you can find them in in school sports in gaming like for example in gaming I want to find people who are interested in fortnite and then I can just see all these profiles and swipe to the right and start swiping or I can just join here and then I can just add fortnite sticker and that's the way I joined the the community so that's another filter to to find profiles um yeah in top right you can just report to block people um yeah and then basically if you tap on three now if you tap on your profile and then tap on your icon Enterprise here you can just find change your friend preferences who do you want to see in your filters uh select your preferred gender select your age who you want to uh yeah check out with I need to say that there is a pretty interesting verification process on this app is pretty hard to fool or fake here it just verifies your selfie it doesn't require your ID or anything but yeah you what it does is just basically filters all the profiles you want to to chat with around your age so if you're 30 it will be 25 to like 35 or something like that so you can't match with someone who is much younger or much older that location you can set up my country worldwide and then you can set up mostly verified or not so meaning you only want to see people who are verified how to get verified yourself so in your profile just tap on verified button and then you need to submit a photo um which is similar to your selfie and then this app will just compare two photos here is your profile so you can edit your name um yeah but you can't edit your username then if you want to have more than 10 photos you need to upgrade to this gold and that is kind of interesting app where you have your profile like yeah you just add your photos here um and on these photos you can add all these different stickers um you can yeah just add the stickers meaning that you are part of specific communities and then you can add some prompts you can add music you can add text or you can add a community so all these different features which you can add and this is what is showing up on your profile which is show up like that so that's that's the idea it's uh yeah I don't have the best photos here it's just like uh just an example for you guys um so that's how it works then again you have settings it's not possible to change username uh be careful with your birthday just try to set up it correctly because it's not possible to change later then you have visibility you can change your privacy a bit as I understand you can show your state you can change visible and find new friends um then there are some some guidelines you can submit some requests for feature requests um so yeah uh okay you can also sign up for for the beta this beta is full unfortunately um that interesting feature here is that you can actually delete your data if you're using this app and then you're feeling a bit insecure about your data or your yeah you just want your data to be completely removed you can just do it in this type form that's actually super handy uh but yeah Please be aware if you delete your data and you just complete this form uh your account will also be deleted so just do it carefully and in case you just really want to delete your account you can just do it here and delete your account in the bottom I actually really like when apps allow you to straightforward delete your account and you don't need to call someone and go or go to some chat support just your full Independence I'm not happy I just want to delete my account great so that's really that's science of equality of the app what what about premium plants so you can buy V coins um so just by logging into the app you can collect free daily Rewards uh see you tomorrow to get more free coins so if you're logging in every day you will get some daily rewards like first day you can get 10 Bitcoins second day 15 then Super chats and 30. so the more you keep engaged to this app the more rewarded you will become of course then you can just get some packs you can avoid some ads and get some we coins you can buy them ATV coins for this and then you can just use them in like different features either you want to send some like super chat or uh boost or bulk chat and more so you can use them alternatively you can just upgrade to his gold um so yeah you can upgrade for 6.99 weekly or monthly 9.99 as there is three months plan 1999 that's pretty that's the cheapest ones uh note that there is no free trial so you'll be charged right away um so what you get you get all secret chats reveal revealed unlimited rewind so rewind so like similar as as on Tinder so you can go back to profile you missed on um CRA profile and message you have received secretly Unleash Your profile so you can add up to 10 media free boost every week so you can boost your profile and be the number one profile for 30 minutes and receive lots of messages from new people five free super chats every week so you can get that one bulk chat every week meaning that you can message 100 people at once hide ads enjoy completely ad-free experience so you can do that then yeah this is the preview of your profile um so yeah I hope you got some of the understanding like of the features here then there is like a chat request where you can see you can [Music] um uh you can see some chat requests you can remove some of those um also you can create a new group with people with your friends so you can just create a new group chat you can see removed chats uh the chats you deleted so that's basically it uh always you can just reach out to support this is like your Steam Community which you can reach out to if you want to chat with someone you can send voice messages you can send images gifs and all of that so try to do that um yeah what else you can always find weak coins but also try to try to get some of those just by logging in the the app you can add your bio here uh yeah for some reason it's uh it's hard to edit it's not being edited um but yeah anyway you can also delete photos so yeah that's just like a chatting app uh quite fun um they're adding a lot of new features it's it's very easy to use very minimalistic as you can see there aren't like that many buttons and tabs and all of that just super easy so just find new people chat with them and have fun um so that's that that's hope hope it was helpful for you so go get this app and try it out

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