it comes from the unexpected so here you can just swipe to find friends uh live chat find the community find friends follow what you love is our new community feature you can find other people who are into things like a fortnight manga Roblox and like all other tags it's free it's safe and yeah that's basically it meet new people app uh there are so many apps like that uh but this one seems of a high qualities at least there is much less spam and all of that so here is how it looks like you easily create your account I see some notification basically when you credit your account and you log into to the app you can first of all collect V coins which are daily rewards which you can use so there's that and then you can just find new friends and then here you can just see all the people so then you can just tap uh to see other pictures uh you can go to I guess yeah you can report a block if you but that's lighter or you can just write a message for example if you want to here uh standard you can send a standard message you must still be reviewed by humans of course and you can send a super message then the message will stay on top of the chat list um so there's that or you can send bulk message uh your chat will be sent to the next hundred profiles uh yeah bulk is another feature so for example let's just uh send a standard message so if you want to send a Super Chat that will be 70 V coins or you can upgrade to Gold but there you have it uh chat is sent and that's it so then you can just swipe uh there are all these like profiles and the cool thing about this app is that it's not just like image like on Tinder you can attach a lot of stickers you can attach the songs music in the bottom left you you see all the communities um you can filter out friends in different communities like sports gaming watching music you can find other communities like uh people interested in that and then you can just swipe people in in that category or you can join that community so something around it um so here you can just see all of these profiles and accounts um here um yeah so you can of course also customize your own photo so you can just tap add and then you will be able to add your own photo um so then in the bottom right you just select uh you just select like so let's for example select this photo and then you can just add content to your bio so uh so you can just do that then you can just add some music you can add some text something like that similar as you have on Tick Tock actually uh and then you can add some prompts you can uh shuffle them prompts so uh well that was just like an example um so you go you got the idea of this prompt so you can add them and then you can add a community so if you like some sports you can just add some sport badge here like that and then then this photo appears here uh also you can preview your account uh you can I guess you can edit you can save it so something like that then you can go to your settings you can see your username it's not possible to change it age uh you can only change your age like not a lot as you can see here then you can change a location uh block you then if you want to find new friends preferences you can just see in this category what's that about uh yeah so that's basically it um in the bottom you can just tap to delete your account uh yeah you can just tell what you why you want to delete your account so that's basically like an interesting like meet new people app kind of Tinder with Tick Tock wipes um and then you can also get like with gold uh uh yeah so you can get weekly for 6.99 monthly for 9.99 or three months in 1999 so you can get that as well so there you have it something around it so then you can also edit your friends you can remove friends you can create new group chat and add new friends uh so yeah that's basically the idea um this app though is only mostly available in United States so if you are located in Europe or you're in Canada I guess you won't be having a lot of uh yeah you won't be having a lot of chats and front request here um so that's basically that if you want to receive requests you can start the Boost or you can get one free every week with gold so yeah that's basically an idea I hope I hope it is a bit more clear right now and thank you for watching

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