WLD App - what is closest ORB to India? Where to verify?

The WLD App is creating quite a buzz among users, prompting discussions about the closest orb locations to India and the verification process. The app allows users to claim grants, similar to WorldCoin, which has been seeing growth in price following the recent spike in Bitcoin value.

Upon closer examination, it appears that there are no orbs currently located in India, a fact that has puzzled many users given the country's size and population. The closest orbs to India are reportedly based in Singapore and Japan, both of which are known for their high cost of living.

For users in India considering a trip to the nearest orb for verification purposes, it's essential to factor in the price of WorldCoin and the associated costs of travel. Calculating expenses is crucial to determining whether the journey is financially feasible, especially for users living near airports such as Delhi.

Alternatively, users may opt to wait for additional orb locations to be opened up in the future. This approach allows users to assess the growth trajectory of WorldCoin and make informed decisions based on potential future developments.

In summary, whether users choose to travel to the closest orb location or wait for new opportunities to emerge, careful consideration of costs and future trends in WorldCoin pricing is key to maximizing potential rewards.

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