Wolt app - how to refer friends & earn credits?

Are you a fan of Wolt, the popular food delivery app? Did you know that you can earn credits by referring your friends to the app? In this post, we will guide you through the process of referring friends on Wolt and earning Vault Credits.

To get started, open the Wolt app and navigate to the profile tab. Here, you will find the option to earn Vault Credits. Click on it to proceed.

Once you're on the Vault Credits page, you will see your referral code. This code is unique to your account and can be shared with your friends. When your friends sign up using your code, they will receive discounts on the first three orders.

So, how do you refer your friends? Simply share your code with them via message or social media platforms. Your friends can then use the code when signing up for Wolt.

Here is an example:

"Hey friend, have you tried Wolt yet? If not, use my code HYBFV to get 50 Danish Kronen Vault Credits for each of your first three orders. I also get credits when you use my code, so it's a win-win!"

It's as easy as that! Your friends will get discounts, and you will earn Vault Credits that can be used towards your own orders.

One thing to note is that the referral credits are valid only for 30 days. So, make sure your friends use your code before it expires.

In conclusion, referring friends on Wolt is a great way to earn Vault Credits and ultimately save money on food delivery. We hope this post was helpful in guiding you through the process. So, go ahead and share your code with your friends and get ready to enjoy some delicious food at discounted prices!

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