WOMBO ME app - FREE AI AVATAR MAKER - how to use? Full overview

Here is the app called WomboMe AI Avatar Maker. So this is a free AI Avatar Maker app. I was actually quite surprised that you don't need to pay here. You don't need to upgrade. And this is quite a famous studio, app development studio. It's called Wombo Studios Inc. So yeah, that's just what it is here. And like, maybe they are running some kind of promotion or they wanna attract some few early users or just using some growth hack. But at the moment you can generate some really amazing AI avatars for free in this app where you don't need to upgrade nothing.

You can just open up the app and then let me show you. So you can just sign in with Google or Apple. You can just use this as a guest, but then you will need to still create an account to use it. So then you just sign in with Apple, whatever, Google. And then you have all of these templates which you can use like:

  • Hot
  • Perfect Instagram shots
  • Fat
  • Elite business headshots
  • Yearbook
  • Luxury lifestyle portraits
  • Absurd
  • Me, myself and marriage
  • Enchanted characters
  • Big baby collections
  • All those things like that

And then basically, yeah, you can just generate it. So for example, you see here, and then you can see that try this pack for free. Each pack generation creates new outputs each time. So you can just try it for free. And our AI aims for perfection, but may generate images with inaccuracies or defects. Example outputs for this pack are below. So here you can just see. The most cool thing is like, you can just do it for free. I remember when AI apps just literally started, it costed like at least $5, $6 for this kind of packs. There were just a few free AI apps, AI avatar apps, but then yeah, there is more and more now.

So let's just give it a try. So here is, you can see some examples. So now you can just try to generate, you know, like you can retake the photo. You can look directly into the camera, whatever. And then it will just start generating the photo. So yep, that's basically the idea. I need to say that in a free version, it can just take a bit more time to generate it, but then you just have this. So here you have this. So then you just have like, your pack is ready. So where you can just generate it like that. And then, yeah, so then you just have it like this, where you can just generate, you can download or share, you can skip it. And then the coolest part that even if you skip it, you still have all the photos in your gallery. So yeah, that's basically the idea here. So yep, something like that, there you have it. And then you will have a watermark, of course. Because it's for free, you will have a watermark in the bottom where you just have that. But the cool part again, it's for free. I didn't upgrade, I didn't refer users, didn't do nothing, just upgrade in the app and there you have it. It's a pretty cool app which you can just use and that's just what it is. So yeah, quite cool. That's just the idea. So yep, something like that. There you have it. So yeah, that's basically the idea. So then if you don't like it, you can delete your account or you can log out. If you log out and sign in with Google, which has the same email as you use with Apple ID, it will be the same account. So yeah, very kind of minimalistic, easy to use app. And again, it has some really nice models. So there are like very few bugs so far. So I generated already like five different packs just to try it out. And then it's just, you know, they're okay so far. They are not that good, but yeah, like, they're kind of okay because in other free AI apps, you can get free AI avatars, but they will be a bit clunky and with some of these AI defects and all that. Here you can just do it and it's kind of nice. So while they have this opportunity, I strongly encourage you to try this app because maybe later they will just introduce some paid plan and you will need to pay for it. Or maybe they will lock some of the features. So try it out. I'm actually quite surprised why this app is not yet in the top charts. So as you can see, it's not yet in the top charts of App Store. So not in the photo and video, not in lifestyle. I would really expect it to be there because this Wombo Studios, they made like this app, which is like Dream by Wombo, which is like legendary app, which was, you know, one of the first apps where you could generate images just by entering some words. This was like early beginning of AI hype wave. But yeah, now this app is a bit abandoned, but they will reintroduce some major updates to Dream by Wombo. So also give a try to this app. I really recommend you to try out this one.

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