Woof app from Shark Tank - what is it? Quick overview

this wolf app from Shark Tank so let's just install it and see how it works uh yeah it went viral after Shark Tank Episode and it's super interesting idea is the number one app for bad parents Peace of Mind designed to rest your pet if something unexpectedly happens to you the wolf app was created by Pat Barnes whose biggest fears that are bad being stranded alone at home for days Awards with no one to care for them is unexpected stuff happens so like peace of mind uh uh your location away timer account down timer link to your home address that automatically starts when you leave home and stops when you return um geolocation home timer I can down timer link to your home designed to trigger supportive something happens bad passport the roof app captures your past important information routines and favorites so we can pass this on to any caretaker your pet might have uh if your timers expire as the ones described about wolf support will automatically be triggered first we'll try reaching out to you then your marginal contact and finally build in the chat a wellness check to your home to ask your pet if you can't confirm your pet safety so there you have it uh annual subscription 29.99 or 299 per month so here you can just uh and then is instantly starts with the subscription I don't know if it's possible to actually uh to start with with the free version or if there is some limitation um so yeah it's not there is no free version anything but that's basically you have the idea of the app so uh yeah that you can basically continuously take care of your parts in different situations so yeah here you can just tap continue only active subscription please buy a subscription um can you agree unfortunately there is another free version I would like to show you in more detail but that's what it is uh yeah it's getting a lot of searches this app from Shark Tank it's the presentation was like viewers watched the presentation I think it was in March just like few days ago um so yeah give it a try it's an interesting idea

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