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so hello everyone so finally it's time let's do a full and complete overview of viral wardle app it was just acquired by new york times and uh yeah probably a lot of your friends are playing it you can see it viral on twitter everywhere on instagram facebook people just sharing wardrobe results and it's amazing geeky app super addictive if you don't know how to play it or what is it exactly let's just dive into this video here is wardle app you can access this app your website so let's just say it's not available as a app on in the app store or google play store so you can just go to youtube website power language dot co dot uk yeah i do know the reasons why it's not on the app store google play store but there you have it this is the original app uh this is the most famous and viral app and you can see people sharing on twitter uh their results so for example as you can see here uh pete knows cs degree and like many other people just yarn these small snippets and i was just like what is that so that's the the word will happen it's just going super while actually it was just acquired by new york times for seven figures some undisclosed amount but yeah i was also surprised this is just basically a mobile website in this video we'll just go through the whole overview you will try to understand why this app is so viral and how to play it and how to show off to your friends like you know how that you solve the wordle so yeah you can just go to this website power language dot co dot uk and you can tap in the question mark icon in top left and here are all the rules uh so to be honest uh at the beginning i couldn't like figure out what what all of these colors mean but then it just makes a lot of sense but if you didn't play any similar games before it can be a bit confusing so no worries it's uh can be too many people so the whole idea of the game that you need to guess the wordle wordle is basically a secret word in six tries so you have six tries and each guess must be must be a valid five letter word and then you just need to hit enter button to submit each try and after each guess you will see the color of the tiles which will change uh to show how close your guess was to to the word to the wordle so for example uh yeah so here is my recent wordle my first word as you can see in the top part was hello so this is a light legit word so i can't enter like uh qwerty or like you know some some asdfg or something like that so that should be legit words so you need to have some like um a big vocabulary to play this game and if you you know a lot of words uh it it will be quite easy game for you but if you are not native english speaker this game can be quite hard but it's also super uh super interesting game and you you are can get sucked up into it like super fast so for example here there is an example uh vary the letter w is green so it means that this letter is in the final word and green color means that this letter is the correct position here is the first position then there is orange or yellow color for example peels the letter i is in the wordpress in the wrong spot and then there is the letter u in the lowest position wag the letter u is not in the word in any spot so that's basically it that's all the rules so here i just solved today's wordle and we'll we can just go through my logic i'm also like a not native english speaker in english it's not my native language but yeah i speak it at like high level so there you have it so first letter i just landed hello it told me like h e and o are in the in the wordle but they're all in the wrong positions so then i just okay ideally i would need to use the word which has h e or o inside but i couldn't see that word so i just entered another word with share and then i see wow h is in the right position and e is in the right position and as this is a new letter which is also available and you can see that also reflected on your keyboard in the bottom then i also didn't know another word and then i just entered trees or like just another word but ideally of course i would need to know that i can and have a word which has h in the second position e in the fifth position and uh develop some words there and then just because of the lag i see that t is in the first position so now i have actually three letters discovered uh and i know that they're in the correct positions and also serious letter s which i know that it should be present in the word but i just don't know in which positions so i just have t h and e t h in the beginning e in the end and somewhere there letter s so obviously i couldn't have th s and send some letter and e so it should be like uh as e because i don't know any word which starts with dhs maybe and then i just okay it was obvious that there should be just a vowel between h and s so then i just like those so there you have it now i have wordle and i figured out on the fourth try so of course some people are either lucky or like very advanced they can uh guess from the first try or second try but yeah for me usually it's like first like fourth try is actually pretty good sixth try it's also pretty amazing if you still can guess it so sometimes wars here are pretty advanced sometimes there are there are just normal wars like those but sometimes that can be pretty sophisticated word which is not in regular english and then the cool part about it the you can see your statistics and then you can see how many wordless you played how many percentage you win on the strike maximum strike like how many words did you guess in a row gas distribution you can see all of that and then you can see that the next wardel is in uh in 11 hours so the cool part of this app is that there is only one wardle one uh quiz per day so in other apps like wardo's app or yeah like you know uh wardle app on app store which are different apps and which are not related to this app in any way there are as many quizzes as you want and you can just play it and train there but in this original app there is only one piece per day and that's super cool because everyone is trying to solve one quiz and you can compare yourself to your friends and see like you know if you are smarter or you are completely stupid compared to your friends of course it's a joke but anyways the cool feature is then you can just share this image is for example on twitter and then there is how it looks and i sometimes just see all my twitter feed of these images and i was like how do people generate this so there you have it that's how you generate this image and basically it reflects that it's just the rows of your wordle gas so first you have three yellow letters then two green one yellow that's what my guess was and then in the first attempt i guessed the word and wardle 227 means this is the quiz number so i think there were already like 227 wordle quizzes there and then four out of six means that i cast on the first fourth attempt out of six and of course you can also just share it you can send it to your friend uh so yeah all of that uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh what else also in this app there are a bit more advanced features if you're really wardle ninja you can definitely give them a try so there is a feature which is called hard mode you can enable here any revealed hints must be used in subsequent gases so i guess in my case if i and like enter h e and o and i guess these words i needed to use them in the next gas otherwise i will lose so that's like a really high level game uh yeah you need to have a huge vocabulary so also you can uh you can enable dark theme so let's see how it looks like so that's pretty cool right if you if you like dark theme you can enable that but sometimes if it's light outside i don't like dark theme then there is color blind mode and then you can always send feedback via email or twitter so if there are some issues like you know maybe maybe you want to you know to suggest some feedback or you think this could be amazing new feature or like you know anything like that uh you can just reach out to wordle at power language dot co dot uk uh so there you have it and then you can also reach out to the developer power language uh yeah you can just follow i think this is a solo developer uh and he just sold the wargle website to the new york times for seven figures as i already told because yeah probably new york times will use that to boost the digital subscriptions and it's really viral app which collected millions of users so definitely a good sync there so yeah just there you have it that's the original app you can see all the stats all the settings and then just in top left just how to play so super minimalistic but yeah what else do you need just like if you are going somewhere if you're commuting if you a bit bored or procrastinating that's a cool app that's a super addictive app if you play it once you'll be just and you solve it you'll be just really like reloading this stat screen and look when is the next wordle if you want to practice wordle and you don't want to wait there is another app you should also try tordus which looks almost exactly the same but it's an app in the app store uh it's not from the same developer it is from a different developer yeah but it's also in the top charts in puzzle category and but here you can just try many quizzes and you can try them like here for example we can see how that works so now i have two letters e and l so the the mechanism how it work is exactly the same the rules of play is the same but just that app which i just showed you before is the original one this is the one where you have one piece per day and all of your friends are sharing it so this this is more like a training app which is still pretty cool so here okay i had e and l i don't know yeah it's because i just don't know a lot of so we have e e-l-r-e can it be like reals or something okay our e real i don't know reality ray you so dary you need to have a big vocabulary maybe you guys know it reuse no that was a stupid guess there uh i don't know re realm damn so as you can see i'm not that good so it's not a three and else should be uh there should be a vowel somewhere right i don't know the word rails reels and then it's not a while it worked because i can't use some invalid word uh as well so real re ridley it's not a valid word ref refly no so as you can see yeah you need just need to have uh some good vocabulary there but yeah maybe you already guessed this word uh reply yay so there you have it i guessed it so as you can see there you have it so sometimes these words are not that complicated but to practice you can definitely use this app anyways this is an overview of the wardle app hope you enjoyed it definitely give it a try try with your friends show off your results on twitter or facebook or whatever and thank you for watching subscribe to this channel i often do overuse of some real cool amazing apps and software also have a podcast and blog so see you around

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