World App - “New Grant - Reserve your new grant today”

In the tech world, new apps are constantly being developed to enhance our digital experiences. One such app gaining attention is the World App, and it has recently introduced an exciting feature called the "New Grant." With the tagline "Reserve your new grant today," this feature aims to provide users with interesting opportunities to earn World Coins. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Once inside the World App, users will receive a notification prompting them to reserve their new grant. Tapping on the notification will initiate the process, guiding users through the necessary steps. To begin, it is recommended to enable notifications. This way, users will be promptly alerted when new World Coin grants become available.

Upon tapping the notification, users will be presented with key information about the grant. This includes the date the grant will be paid out, the destination address, and the number of World Coins allocated for the grant. For instance, a grant might comprise three World Coins, equivalent to approximately three to four dollars.

To reserve the grant, users can simply tap on the appropriate button. However, it is important to note that the redemption process is not yet available. Users will need to have a verified World ID to claim their reserved grant. This verification can be done by visiting an orb beforehand. Sharing the grant opportunity with friends is also encouraged.

Once the reservation is made, users will be informed that redeeming the reservation will be possible in the near future. The exact timeframe for redeeming the grant will depend on when the user's World ID is verified. Therefore, it is crucial to complete the verification process as soon as possible.

Looking at the history of grants reserved, the video transcript suggests that grants were initially available once every seven days. However, it seems that the availability of grants has become less frequent, with a change to once every two weeks. The transcript mentions four reserved grants: Genesis grant, a grant on August 7th, a grant on August 14th, and another on August 28th.

Interestingly, the number of World Coins offered in these grants has also decreased. Previous grants provided ten World Coins, while the recent grants offer only three. Nevertheless, considering the monetary value, as mentioned in the transcript, even a Genesis grant worth thirty-two dollars can still yield a decent return.

Based on this information, it is estimated that users could potentially receive around twenty grants in a year. With each grant consisting of three World Coins or more, the cumulative monetary value can amount to a hundred dollars or possibly more.

To fully benefit from the reserved grants, users must complete the verification process. By doing so, they can claim and redeem the grants they have reserved, adding to their digital wallets and potentially increasing their earnings.

The World App allows users to explore the grants they have reserved, providing an overview that includes the number of claims and reservations. This feature enables users to track their progress and stay up-to-date with any developments related to the grants they have reserved.

In conclusion, the World App's "New Grant" feature presents an exciting opportunity for users to earn World Coins. By reserving grants and completing the necessary verification steps, users can potentially accumulate a significant monetary value. With a little effort and persistence, this feature promises to reward users generously for their participation.

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