World app “No balance. your Worldcoin amount is zero”

In a recent video transcript, an intriguing insight into the world of the Worldcoin app sheds light on an important aspect that many users may encounter. The video narrates a scenario where upon tapping the sell or send button within the app, users are prompted with a message stating, "No balance. Your Worldcoin amount is zero." This can understandably lead to confusion and raise questions about the functioning of the app.

The video further explains the reason behind this message, highlighting that while users may have reserved grants within the app, their Worldcoin amount remains at zero due to a missing verification step with orb. The narration emphasizes the necessity of not only reserving the grant but also verifying it with orb to enable the conversion of the reserved coins to claimed status.

Here are the key steps outlined in the video:

  • Users are shown to have reservations in their Worldcoin app.
  • Verification with orb is crucial to convert reserved grants into claimed Worldcoin.
  • Claimed Worldcoin enables users to either sell or send it to others.
  • Verification with orb is mandatory and cannot be bypassed.
  • Users are advised to locate an orb nearby or travel to a location with an orb for verification.

This informational piece serves as a detailed guide for Worldcoin app users, elucidating the process involved in moving from a zero balance scenario to claiming and utilizing their Worldcoin amount effectively. Understanding the importance of verifying grants with orb not only clarifies the app's functionality but also ensures a seamless user experience.

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