World app Orb booking - there are very few spots

In the WorldCoin app, a new booking system has been implemented for scheduling appointments. However, there are now very few available slots left for users to book in advance. In many countries, users can only book appointments up to eight days ahead, and beyond that, available slots are no longer clickable as the dates appear grayed out. This limitation prevents users from booking months in advance, creating a peculiar user experience.

Interestingly, even in countries like Japan, users are restricted to booking up until a specific date, such as the 22nd of March, after which the booking option is no longer accessible. It remains unclear whether these unavailable slots are intentional or if it signifies a potential closure of the Orb location. The sudden unavailability raises questions regarding the functionality and purpose of these restrictions within the app.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding this situation, users are left to ponder the reasoning behind these limitations and the impact they may have on their booking experience. The update within the WorldCoin app has introduced a level of uncertainty and confusion regarding the booking process, urging users to stay vigilant for further developments.

Key points to note from the video transcript:

  • New booking system implemented in the WorldCoin app for scheduling appointments.
  • Limited availability of booking slots, restricting users from booking months in advance.
  • Dates beyond a specific timeframe appear grayed out, rendering them unclickable.
  • Users in various countries, including Japan, face limitations on booking slots, creating uncertainty among users.

Overall, the current situation within the WorldCoin app's booking system signals a need for clarity and transparency to enhance the user experience and address any potential concerns users may have regarding the limited availability of slots.

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