In a recent development concerning the World app, there has been a removal of the grants button. Previously, users were accustomed to seeing three buttons at the bottom of the app: wallet, grants, and world ID. However, now they are confronted with only two buttons. The reason behind this modification remains unclear.

One possible explanation could be that the World app has reached its capacity. A message displayed within the app suggests that grant claims and other transactions may experience delays due to high traffic. It is possible that this capacity issue prompted the removal of the grants button. This could be an attempt to alleviate the strain on the app caused by the influx of traffic. In such cases, patience is advised, as waiting for a day or so usually resolves the issue.

Another perspective to consider is that the removal of the grants button signifies the end of grant claim opportunities altogether. It is conceivable that the app developers decided to eliminate the grants feature permanently, possibly due to the aforementioned capacity issue.

This alteration in the World app has sparked curiosity and raised several questions among users. Has the grants button been removed temporarily to address capacity concerns, or has it been eradicated indefinitely? Only time will reveal the true intentions behind this modification. In the meantime, users can only speculate and ponder the fate of the grants button.

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